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The first ever Brussels Wine Market

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I’m deeply excited about what I’ve been working on the past 12 months. After 6 exciting editions in Portugal, the first ever Adegga Wine Market outside Portugal will happen in Brussels on November 16th. A giant step for Adegga and a great opportunity to take a 7-year old wine business to a whole new level.

Brussels Wine Market 2013
We have carefully selected and invited 20 great wineries and winemakers from around Europe to present their best wines in the very informal Taste & Buy concept of the Adegga Wine Markets. To help consumers at the tasting we’ll once again present the innovative and successful Smart Wine Glass that allows wine consumers to seamlessly collect information about each of the wineries visited and wines tasted at the event.

The Port Experience
I believe in Port as one of the best wines in the world. I’m passionate about it and I’m crazy about the kind of experiences that Port can provide to wine lovers. We’ve had a special place for Port Wine since the first Adegga Wine Market. In Brussels we’re taking it one step further through an exclusive partnership with Niepoort, one of most respected Port Wine producers and home to extraordinary winemaker and Port evangelist Dirk Niepoort. Old and rare Port wines from 1952, 1977, 1981 and the now famous 2011 will be available to taste in this very special room. Unmissable.

niepoort_logo Niepoort_Garrafeira_1977

Adegga Wine Market 2013
Before the year ends I’ll be back to Portugal for the 7th edition of the Adegga Wine Market, the Christmas wine event in Lisbon that is already considered one of the best in Portugal. The experience of a great team and a curated selection of great Portuguese wine producers will for sure make this Adegga Wine Market one of the best we’ve ever put together.

Plans & Ideas
Lots of planning for the next 2 years as we expand Adegga into Europe and at the same time prepare the launch of new set of Adegga services (news very soon) that will make many wine lovers very happy! Looking forward to what’s coming with many more wine events and the same goal of bringing wineries and wine consumers closer together. Hold on tight! It’s going to be an exciting ride!

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November 5, 2013 at 20:05

Mosel Valley Wine Tour 2013

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When I visit (and film) a wine region I want to know about the place, taste the wines and the local food but most of all I want to meet the people and the stories behind their wines.

Recently, invited by Jan Matthias Klein (winemaker at Staffelter Hof and Riesling enthusiast) I had the opportunity to do that in the Mosel valley, a gorgeous wine region where wine has been produced for many centuries and stories of wine overlap with stories of family.

Riesling is the main grape variety grown in the Mosel region. As you’ll see on the video vines are typically grow on steep slopes alongside the Mosel river and produce some of the most wonderful wines in the world.

It was a great trip to a great place and I’m definitely looking forward to come back soon.

Hope you enjoy the new video.

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August 11, 2013 at 23:44

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Olly Smith’s 50 Great Portuguese Wines 2013

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Olly Smith 50 Great Portuguese Wines

Olly Smith’s list of 50 Great Portuguese Wines 2013 has been released and is full of great value wines from Portugal.

The 50 Great Portuguese Wines is a Wines of Portugal initiative that happens every year in the UK and the US. For this year’s UK event, Olly Smith, a well known TV and wine personality, was selected to choose his list of 50 Great Portuguese Wines. Olly has decided to focus on finding the best value wines between £7 – £30.

Olly Smith was already the 9th expert to be selected for this initiative which has become an annual highlight for Portuguese wine and has helped raise awareness for the exciting diversity of what is being done in Portugal.

I’m a supporter of this initiative as I find that it works very well as a point of entry in the fantastic world of Portuguese wine for many wine lovers. Olly is a specially interesting selection for his ability to be consumer-focused and for his lively no-string-attached attitude towards wine.

Lots of good value options to choose from the 19 white wines, 27 red wines and 4 fortified wines. Here’s Olly Smith’s List of 50 Great Portuguese Wines 2013:

  White Wines Region  
1. Vales de Ambrães – Avesso 2012 Vinho Verde Where to buy
2. Casa da Senra 2012 Vinho Verde Where to buy
3. Soalheiro 2012 Vinho Verde Where to buy
4. Alvarinho Solar de Serrade 2012 Vinho Verde Where to buy
5. FP 2012 Bairrada Where to buy
6. Quinta da Raza Arinto 2012 Vinho Verde Where to buy
7. Montes Ermos Reserva 2011 Douro Where to buy
8. Beyra Quartz 2011 Beira Interior Where to buy
9. Redoma 2011 Douro Where to buy
10. Quinta de la Rosa 2011 Douro Where to buy
11. Pato Frio Antão Vaz 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
12. Vinhas do Lasso 2010 Lisboa Where to buy
13. Dona Ermelinda 2011 Península de Setubal Where to buy
14. Valle Pradinhos 2011 Tras-os-Montes Where to buy
15. Muros de Melgaço 2011 Vinho Verdes Where to buy
16. Quinta de Saes Encruzado 2011 Dão Where to buy
17. Quinta dos Roques Encruzado 2011 Dão Where to buy
18. Esporão Reserva 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
19. Arenae 2010 Lisboa Where to buy
  Red Wines    
20. Marquês de Borba 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
21. Almeida Garrett 2010 Beira Interior Where to buy
22. Sexy 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
23. Zéfyro 2009 Alentejo Where to buy
24. Altano Quinta do Ataíde Reserva 2009 Douro Where to buy
25. PAPE 2010 Dão Where to buy
26. Claudia’s 2009 Douro Where to buy
27. Manoella Douro 2010 Douro Where to buy
28. Quinta Nova – Colheita 2010 Douro Where to buy
29. F’OZ 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
30. Palpite 2010 Alentejo Where to buy
31. Poeira 2010 Douro Where to buy
32. Vertente 2009 Douro Where to buy
33. Trincadeira Vinhas Velhas 2009 Tejo Where to buy
34. Tinto da Ânfora 2010 Alentejo Where to buy
35. Duas Pedras 2011 Alentejo Where to buy
36. Crasto Superior 2010 Douro Where to buy
37. Quinta de Foz de Arouce 2009 Beiras Where to buy
38. Quinta dos Quatro Ventos 2009 Douro Where to buy
39. Aliança Bairrada Reserva 2011 Bairrada Where to buy
40. Quinta dos Roques 2010 Dão Where to buy
41. Esporão Reserva 2010 Alentejo Where to buy
42. Cedro do Noval 2009 Douro Where to buy
43. Julia Kemper Touriga Nacional 2009 Dão Where to buy
44. CH by Chocapalha 2009 Lisboa Where to buy
45. Quinta de la Rosa Reserve 2010 Douro Where to buy
46. Quinta do Sagrado Reserva 2007 Douro Where to buy
  Fortified (Port Madeira and Moscatel)    
47 Verdelho 15 Years Old Madeira Where to buy
48 Moscatel de Favaios Colheita 1980 Douro Where to buy
49 Família Horacio Simões Bastardo 2009 Península Setúbal Where to buy
50 Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port Douro Where to buy

More information about each wine and a list of places where to buy them (around the world) is available by clicking on each wine.

Finally, watch Olly selecting and explaining what he thinks about Portuguese Wine during his 50 Great Portuguese Wines tasting and selection:

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April 18, 2013 at 12:12

The Delicious Umbria Food and Wine Competition

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Porchetta di Maialino Aromatica Bardata al Prosciutto

The first ever Umbria is for #winelovers event happened last week in Umbria in the green heart of Italy. With an exciting programme planned for the week this was a great opportunity to discover the region’s wines and their connection to the local food culture.

To make it even more interesting the #winelover group organized a Food & Wine Pairing Competition to better understand the richness of Umbria’s food and wine pairing. Here’s the competition menu with the different Italian dishes and the wines that better worked for each of them:

1. Frittatina Morbida al Tartufo della Valnerina

We started with a Frittatina Morbida al Tartufo della Valnerina, an egg-based dish, similar to an omelette or quiche, enriched with black truffles from the Valnerina valley in Umbria. A rich combination of flavors where the black truffle definitely stood out.

Frittatina Morbida al Tartufo della Valnerina

Frittatina Morbida al Tartufo della Valnerina

Frittatina Morbida al Tartufo della Valnerina

Best wines for this dish:

2. Risotto Allo Zafferano di Cascia e Guanciale Croccante

As a first course the Chef planned a Risotto with saffron and crisp Italian bacon. The crispy bacon added a different dimension to this simple dish and made it extra enjoyable. I could spend a whole day eating this crispy bacon.

Risotto Allo Zafferano di Cascia e Guanciale Croccante


Best wines for this dish:

3. Porchetta di Maialino Aromatica Bardata al Prosciutto

The main course was the highlight of the food and wine competition and one of the best foods I’ve had in Italy. A fabulous savoury, fatty and juicy boneless piglet roast covered with slices of bacon. Simply outstanding.

Porchetta di Maialino Aromatica Bardata al Prosciutto

Porchetta di Maialino Aromatica Bardata al Prosciutto

Best wines for this dish:

4. Crostata di Mele e Crema Cotta and Cheesecake

Finally dessert time. An Apple Custard Pie and a Ricotta, Chocolate, Raisins and Rhum Cake. A happy overdose of sugar created specifically to match the Umbrian Vin Santo (a style of italian sweet wine).


Best wine for the Crostata di Mele e Crema Cotta:

Best wines for the Torta di Ricotta, Cioccolato, Uvetta e Rhum

The hosts

Fabien Lainé (a French Sommelier working in Norway) was in charge of coordinating the food and wine competition. With the help of Luciana Braz and other #winelovers they’ve pre-selected 70 wines (from a pool of around 200), organized the tasters in teams and collected the competition results. A great job, explained in more detail in Fabien’s blog.

Fabien Lainé Matteo Barbarossa

Umbrian Chef, Matteo Barbarossa was in charge of creating four different dishes for the competition. With this mission, Matteo created a dynamic menu of local and delicious Umbrian food to match the region’s diverse array of wines.

Overall this a fantastic wine and food discovery experience in the heart of Italy. Umbria is definitely a fantastic food and wine destination and I can’t wait to go back and discover more.

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February 28, 2013 at 16:08

The Best Portuguese Wines of 2012 by Revista dos Vinhos

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Barca Velha 2004

In an event that is known as the Oscars of Wine in Portugal, Revista dos Vinhos (one of Portugal’s most read wine magazines) has announced their 2012 List of Best Portuguese Wines.

This is a solid list of great Portuguese wines including some out-of-this-world bottles (like the Barca Velha 2004). The 30 wines on the list got an Award of Excellence for having achieved the very best ratings in all of the wine tastings organized by the wine magazine during 2012.

As you’ll see from the indicative retail prices this is a list that includes some of the most expensive Portuguese wines on the market. In general there’s plenty of good wines at lower price points in the market (as you can see by most of my Wines of the Week or the Top 10 Portuguese Wines by Essência do Vinho) but this is mostly a list of high-end wines, even if some – for the quality – can still be considered good values at their price.

As always I’ve marked my favorite wines (and this time also the good values) on the list. I haven’t yet tasted all of them so I’ll do an update on the list as soon as I taste them.

Award of Excellence



Port Wines

Madeira & Others

The magazine also selected the top wines by region including a list of Port Wines. You can see the full list of selected wines (in Portuguese) on the magazine’s website.

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February 22, 2013 at 17:45

EWBC 2013 announced. Back to Rioja!

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Marquês de Riscal - Rioja

The dates and location of the 2013 Digital Wine Communications Conference have been announced. This year’s EWBC will repeat its first ever location in 2008 and head to Logroño in Rioja, Spain on 25-27 October 2013.

This year’s EWBC theme is Flavour, reflecting the need to embrace the diversity of the world of wine in all its shapes (regions, grape varieties, wines, communicators, etc). An exciting and very actual topic for those involved in wine business.

The EWBC is one of the best professional wine events of the year and a great opportunity to network with some of the most interesting people working in the wine industry. Attended by all flavours of wine professionals including wine bloggers and digital communicators from over 35 countries around the globe, the EWBC is an important annual meeting point to stay updated on current wine industry trends.

EWBC_Logo EWBC Rioja

I’ve been fortunate to be one of the only 2 people (besides the organizers) who has participated in all 5 EWBCs so far (Oscar Quevedo is the other). Also because I’m a 2008 alumni I get a free ticket this year (well played guys!).

Going to its 6th edition the EWBC has visited many countries in the past:

  • The first ever edition of the EWBC was held in Rioja in 2008 where 40 bloggers from around the world got together to discuss wine and social Media.
  • In 2009 the conference visited Lisbon, Portugal. The Adegga team helped organize this edition which was a tremendous success with over 150 participants.
  • In 2010 the conference headed to Vienna, Austria and was a great opportunity to discover it’s fantastic wine regions and some delicious Grüner Veltliner wines with the other 200 participants.
  • In 2011 the conference was held in Franciacorta, Italy. A great opportunity to discover some great Italian sparkling wines and delicious Tuscan wines in a superb post trip. 220 people attended.
  • Finally last year, the EWBC 2012 took place in Izmir, Turkey and was a fantastic opportunity for the 280 people to visit and discover one of the most dynamic and exciting countries in the world, including it’s old and new wine culture.

The 2013 conference is sponsored by the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Rioja and  organized by Ryan Opaz, Gabriella Opaz and Robert McIntosh of social media company Vrazon.

Looking forward to another great event!

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February 22, 2013 at 14:17

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Unforgettable Food and Wine at Castello delle Regine

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Umbria hills

I’m in the beautiful region of Umbria in Italy preparing for the first Umbria for #winelovers event that will take place in the next few days in Terni. It’s a great opportunity to discover the local food and wine culture of one of the most exciting Italian wine regions.

Today I had the opportunity to visit Castello delle Regine, a local winery making good to excellent Umbrian wines. All proven by the very good (and consistent) level of quality at the 2 comprehensive 2001 to 2006 vertical tastings of the 100% Sangiovese and the 100% Merlot. My favorite vintages were the 2001, 2002 and 2004 for the Sangiovese and the 2001 and 2005 for the Merlot. All showing great potential for a good pairing with food.

To test this we headed to the winery’s own Restaurant Podernovo for lunch. A meal with lots of different dishes (see below) where all the meat which came from the winery’s cow farm. Simply delicious ingredients and fantastic wine lunch that has again confirmed how amazing Italy can be when it comes to fantastic food and wine experiences.

Ristorante Podernovo


Ristorante Podernovo


Vertical Tasting at Castello delle Regine

Castello delle Regine Owner Paolo Nodari

Ristorante Podernovo








Cows at Castello delle Regine

Cows at Castello delle Regine

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