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A book on Social Commerce

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The way I bought the Social Commerce book is a good example of how social commerce works.

I read a review of the book while browsing one of the blogs I visit daily on the subject of social commerce. I clicked the Amazon link and quickly download the book to my Kindle. It was a simple, recommendation-based buy (and instant satisfaction).

Now that I’ve read the book here I am sharing my review online. Some of you might will read it and become interested in buying the book based on my recommendation (it’s worth it). The social commerce process starts again driving even more sales and reviews.

Social commerce is the integration of the social web, where we talk about the products and services we like and e-commerce, where we can quickly buy them. The Social Commerce book gives a good overview of  all the services and business models that are pushing this integration forward and how they are basically changing the way we buy online.

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Written by andrerib

August 3, 2011 at 3:39


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